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Vivre à l'époque de Covid-19   

(Written in French)

Alors amusons-nous.

Au moins un peu.

Pour cette fois, à cette époque.

Et survivons.

Jusqu’à ce que la plaque de cuivre, emprisonnée dans la terre, revienne du monde.
Jusqu’aux marques sur cette plaque de cuivre

lors de son passage dans ma machine à presse.
Jusqu’à cette date et au-delà, survivons.

Remplissons notre cœur d’amour.
Encore une fois, jusqu’à ce que la main de quelqu’un me caresse la joue.
Jusqu’à ce que le monde soit enveloppé d’une nouvelle lumière.

Izoomi-m 2020  

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I has been working as essayist and illustrator since 1996, and began my art career in earnest in 2014 when I encountered copper prints.

In these years I try to create my etching works by using soil and water. 

The copper will corrode by acid and alkaline, these are included in the ground, water, rain etc in the nature.

Our existence is not only in our body, it expand outside.

Soil contains a lot of pieces of life, memories and the history of your country etc, so after several months, the copper plate will translate effected by one's existence.


Since 2016, I have been exhibiting and holding residencies in France, as well as envisioning art projects in various parts of Japan.


I believe that the meaning of creation for me is not just to create, but to actively engage with nature and the presence of someone in the world through art.



"Les copines dans un atelier sous-sol"
 -Kurumi Gallery Tokyo Japon(2019)

"Heart Sutra" Annie Chazottes & Izumi Momose
-Planay France(2018)
"KEWAI -ambiance"  
-Atelier Prinsac-Joigny France (2017)

"Tou to Do "-Mukoyama Mari et Momose izumi  
-Gallery Mizu to Ki Tokyo Japon (2016)

"Papier Libre " 
-La Ménagerie du 27 Montbard France(2016)

"My Genius" 
-GalleryWarehouse Garden Tokyo Japon (2016)


Seminariyo print work prize Japon (2017)

Awagami print work prize Japon (2015)



Recent Art Projects

Déconfinement 2020-2021

Mail copper plates to the world. The recipients bury it in the soil close to them.
They'll dig it out and send it back in a few months. I'll print it on a press.

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For the victims of Covid-19   2020  -----Pray for the world

In Japan, , the Buddha statues were made when there was an epidemic

So I created 48 Buddha statues for the cities of the world I've visited.
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Action against global deforestation
Draw the seeds on a discarded copper plate. Putting it back into nature again.

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Record of the exhibition